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Unlock the magic of learning, with Disney and Pearson

Nearly twenty years ago, Pearson English and Disney came together to change the way thousands of children around the world learn English, bringing a culture without boundaries into the language classroom.

The world's learning company and the world's greatest story-tellers have joined up once again to empower learners around the globe to share, grow and achieve together, through a common language.

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Explore how you can help your students learn English and future skills alongside the Disney stories and characters they love.

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Discover learning through Disney

Sharing stories

Disney stories and characters are loved the world over.

Learning through stories that children know and recognise from an early age makes them feel motivated and engaged.

Sharing values

Disney’s family friendly adventures contain a huge range of valuable life lessons.

Using relatable models of behaviors, children explore personal feelings and social interactions through their favorite characters.

Lifelong learning

Disney stories provide a structure for students to learn more – and with confidence.

Learning through Disney makes every child feel they can achieve their best.

Three reasons to teach with Pearson’s Disney courses

  1. Each product is a joy to teach with. They include stunning artwork from animated movies and/or film stills from live action films, with a range of support materials for flexible teaching.
  2. Every product incorporates a link to real-life learning and living, giving young learners a solid base to become well-rounded citizens and have satisfying personal and professional lives.
  3. All courses have a strong pedagogical foundation. They are aligned to the Global Scale of English (GSE), offering a robust learning experience with clear, measurable learning goals.


Pearson’s Disney learning products

Disney Kids Readers

Read and learn with Disney friends

36 carefully graded Readers for 6-12 year-olds, with beautiful Disney artwork.

Through exciting, recognisable Disney stories and characters, children develop language and literacy skills while discovering the joy of reading.


My Disney Stars and Friends

Learn and grow together with your Disney Friends

A new 3-level Pre-Primary course for children aged 3 to 5.

My Disney Stars and Friends brings together the magic of Disney and the rigor of Pearson educational content to give learners a fun and motivating start to language-learning.


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