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Lista aktualnych webinarów:

2 kwietnia, czwartek

How to teach exam students online?

During these uncertain times, many students and teachers are moving their classes online. But, what does this mean for exam students?
This webinar discusses the tools and strategies required to help motivate and maintain focus for exam students studying in an online classroom environment.
We’ll be looking at techniques on how to encourage student-directed learning (SDL) and self-motivation, as well as ways to assign tasks and give feedback.


16 kwietnia, czwartek

MEDIATION: How can mediation support academic and career skills?

There is a growing recognition that the careers of the future will emphasise team work, creative collaboration and soft communication skills.

In this session we will consider how the mediation can-do statements shine a light on soft skills in communication, and their relevance to educational pathways and employability. We will also look at how can-do statements for mediating texts can provide clear goals for synthesising and developing ideas from sources.


23 kwietnia, czwartek

MEDIATION: Mediation and assessment

How might the new can-do statements for mediation in the CEFR be used to assess progress in this area? The CEFR offers a range of scales describing different mediation activities and strategies that reflect real-world communication, but it is up to us as educators to select from them and decide whether to use or adapt them as success criteria. Their use is not compulsory and not all descriptor scales suit all approaches to assessment.

In this webinar we will explore how using can-do statements to align learning aims with learning outcomes can promote assessment for learning. We will also look at the role mediation might play in proficiency assessment, and relevant task types.

12 marca, czwartek

MEDIATION: An introduction to teaching mediation

What is mediation in the CEFR? This session will introduce the broadened concept of mediation illustrated in the CEFR Companion Volume, and the insights it can provide for language learning and teaching. 

We will look at how the new descriptors for mediation expand and clarify this concept and its relevance to the needs of 21st century language learners. We will then consider how mediation is already an integral part of the communicative classroom, and how a conscious focus on mediation can enhance the personalisation of learning in an 'action-oriented approach'. This will be illustrated with some examples of relevant tasks and strategies. 



19 marca, czwartek

MEDIATION: How to teach mediation to young learners

This webinar will explore the relevance of mediation for young learners and teens. We will consider the rationale for focusing on mediation activities as part of lifelong learning, and step by step approaches that acknowledge literacy development and general competences.

We will also explore how simple classroom routines can familiarise young learners with relevant principles, such as collaborating, presenting and explaining, and so lay the groundwork for the development of mediation skills over time. We will evaluate the relevance of mediation can-do statements to different age groups.



19 marca, czwartek

Using Versant Placement Test as a Home-Based Assessment with Nick Laul

Is your program in need of a home-based testing solution that will allow you to assess your students’ English language skills if your primary test is not available? The Versant English Placement Test is a 4-skills test that can be taken by computer for admissions and program placement. With score mappings to common scales like GSE, CEFR and TOEFL, it is easier than ever to integrate results into your existing enrollment process. In this session you will learn about Versant Placement Test and how you can implement it with your program.



20 marca, piątek

MyEnglishLab: Your Solution for Anytime, Anywhere Learning with Janay Phillips

MyEnglishLab, a Language Management System, provides solutions for distance learning, anytime, anywhere. This session will walk you through the steps of registering your product, creating a course, and utilizing the wide array of tools available within MyEnglishLab.



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