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Lista aktualnych webinarów:

5 luty, środa

Skills that make you employable: what we mean

A recent survey showed that only 11% of employers believe educational institutions are effectively preparing students for employment. Our first webinar looks at the crucial skills we're overlooking and what that means for education.


11 luty, wtorek

CAREER SKILLS: Teaching communication skills with Rachael Roberts

Teaching English is not simply a matter of imparting knowledge to students. We are teaching a skill, and part of the skill of using a language is clearly being able to communicate effectively with others.In this webinar, Rachael Roberts will look at four aspects of communication skills, and at some practical ideas for teaching or developing these skills in the classroom.


12 luty, środa

Critical thinking

Sometimes known as higher-order thinking, critical thought is a highly desirable skill in the workplace. Join us as we look deeper into what it is, why it's essential, and how we can effectively teach and assess this skill in the classroom.



18 luty, wtorek

CAREER SKILLS: Teaching planning, prioritizing and organizing skills with Rachael Roberts

Employers are increasingly looking for self-starters who can be relied upon to manage their own time, plan and deliver work seamlessly. In this webinar, Rachael Roberts will look at some practical strategies that you, English teachers, can use to both get yourself more organised (and thus provide a better model for your students) and some activities which you can embed into a regular classroom practice to help your students improve their planning, prioritising and organising skills.


19 luty, środa


Identified as one of the most important skills employers look for, communication is central to success in school, work, and life. We look closely at what it is and why it is often lacking in entry-level applicants.



25 luty, wtorek

CAREER SKILLS: Teaching decision-making skills with Rachael Roberts

As teachers, we can help our students learn how to make better choices, and how to go through an effective decision-making process. In this webinar, Rachael Roberts will teach you what such a decision-making process might look like, and how to pass on these skills to your students. We will also consider how to help your students understand themselves and their values more fully, how to think critically about the information available before making a decision, and to subsequently reflect on the process and the outcome.


27 luty, czwartek


As companies place more emphasis on team-based work, students who excel at collaboration are more likely to be valued applicants. Join us as we look at collaboration in more detail and how we can develop this skill in our students.


3 marca, wtorek

CAREER SKILLS: Teaching leadership skills with Rachael Roberts

Nowadays, the organisations are becoming ‘flatter’, and it is more and more common for everyone in a team to be asked to take on some kind of leadership role. These kinds of skills are invaluable for both work and study, and will considerably enhance your students’ employability in the future. In this webinar, Rachael Roberts will look at some ways in which you can integrate teaching or developing leadership skills into your usual classroom practice.


4 marca, środa


With the pace of innovation accelerating, creative skills are helping learners participate and succeed as they join the workforce. Join us to find out more about how we can teach and assess this valuable skill.



11 marca, środa


Often a better predictor of a student's performance than IQ, self-management is a core skill that helps promote independence and determination. This webinar looks into ways we can help encourage it in our learners.


17 marca, wtorek

CAREER SKILLS: Teaching teamwork skills with Rachael Roberts

In many ways a successful class is a successful team. The very best classes are collaborating, contributing, encouraging, helping, listening, negotiating, managing conflict, planning, problem solving and sharing ideas: all teamwork skills. In this webinar, Rachael Roberts will look at a range of practical activities to help your class bond better as a group, and to help individuals to both identify the strengths they can already bring to a team, and develop those they are not yet confident about. We will also look at ways of dealing with inevitable conflict in a team, and how to teach your students to learn to be able to deal with conflict appropriately and positively.


18 marca, środa


Increasingly recognized as a key 21st-century skill, leadership benefits learners throughout their lives. Join this webinar to discover more about what leadership is and how we can effectively teach it.


25 marca, środa

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility helps give people greater life satisfaction, better educational attainment, and more civic engagement. It’s also something that employers are coming to expect in their hires. Join us to discover more about this key life skill.

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