Making up for the missing bits: Ideas for teaching lower-primary learners.

Rob Dean

Recently, teaching children aged 6-9 has become more demanding and challenging than ever before. Following the ministry requirements to convert the course books into the non-consumable ones (podręczniki wieloletnie), our classroom resources have become stripped of the elements that often kept the children busy, motivated and engaged, and most importantly, that resembled the natural learning context, typical of outside-of-the-classroom activities. During the session, we will take a closer look at what has been removed from our repertoire of task types, what has remained, and what bearing this will have on our day-to-day classroom practices. We will also suggest ways of making up for the missing bits by demonstrating a number of practical activities that make use of flashcards, storycards or karty pracy, and also evergreen pen-and-paper exercises.

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