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How can you help your learners build their skills so they can show more of their personality in English? Join our ELT experts and Pearson course authors in our latest live educator webinar series to find out how to personalise your teaching and help your learners be themselves in English. ​

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Dates and topics


Meet the Speakers

20th March, 9 AM & 5 PM​

Feel Reassured, Feel Inspired: Personalising Your Pre-primary Teaching​


Find out how to help very young learners make small, confident steps on their language acquisition journeys. Jeanne Perrett, ELT expert and author of Pearson’s My Disney Stars and Friends, explores the tools available to guide pre-primary educators wanting to engage and delight young learners.​

Trainer: Jeanne Perrett ​

Suitable for: pre-primary teachers​

Featuring: My Disney Stars and Friends

22nd March, 5 PM​

Everyone Can Shine: Personalising Adult Classes


Every learner is an individual, but how can you tap into your learners’ uniqueness for more successful learning? Author of Pearson’s award-winning adult course Speakout, Frances Eales, shares how educators can use adult learners’ personal lives and goals to help them be more confident users of English.​

Trainer: Frances Eales

Suitable for: educators of adults & young adults​

Featuring: Speakout 3​

23rd March, 5 PM​


Discover how to meaningfully implement personalised learning in the real-life secondary classroom. Teacher trainer and ELT expert, Elizabeth Beer, reveals the tactics and resources educators of teenage learners can use to better understand their learners and how to put their personalities at the heart of your teaching.​

Trainer: Elizabeth Beer​

Suitable for: secondary teachers​

Featuring: Wider World 2e​

Our Speakers

Meet the Speakers

Jeanne Perrett

has been working in the language teaching sector for forty years as a teacher, school owner, publisher and writer and is the author and co-author of many acclaimed pre-primary and primary EFL series including Yazoo, Fly High, Now I Know, Rise and Shine, English Code, and My Disney Stars and Friends. She has trained teachers all over the world and frequently presented at professional conferences.​

Elizabeth Beer

has been teaching for many years in various places such as Vietnam, Hong Kong and Spain. She’s a Teacher Trainer, Cambridge Examiner and a Blog Post Writer. She’s also very proud to be a teacher on the award-winning Pearson & BBC Live Classes Project. She enjoys creating her own materials and lessons and has a particular interest in pronunciation, literacy and speaking skills in class. When not in the classroom, Elizabeth can be found in the theatre, either on stage performing or in the audience, and hiking in the mountains with her dog.​

Frances Eales

 is an award-winning author, a teacher trainer and a popular conference speaker. She has taught and trained in many countries and is the author of two globally successful Pearson courses, Speakout and Cutting Edge. She also pioneered the first online course for the DELTA qualification for advanced teachers. For Frances, curiosity about life and learning is at the heart of everything she does, inside and outside the classroom. Her lifelong interest in motivating and helping people to learn and to express themselves confidently makes her an enthusiastic and practical educator. ​

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