"The Secret of Translators' Stone" – a new series of our summer crime novel #Whodunnit is coming!

Let us introduce our main character – Anna, an English teacher with detective fervor, who in some strange way always ends up in the wrong place and at the wrong time. What adventures await Anna and her colleagues this year? The action of #Whodunnit Season 2 is not only going to take place at school, so maybe you will need a passport? 

Remember, this is an interactive story - you can decide the fate of our heroes by yourself! Each episode will be shared as a ready-to-download PDF file with two options to choose from - which you can use during the next school year.

So… #whodunnit?

Episode 1

Usually the first days of the summer holidays are peaceful and relaxing. But surely not for Anna! What could possibly happen to a respectable teacher after she finished completing her e-grade book? She and her fellow teacher, and good friend, Bridget are planning on spending a quiet afternoon together, when suddenly the serious action starts. A kidnapping in the school parking lot? Will Anna be able to help out her friend? Read the story and choose your option, and decide on Anna’s next move! 

Download Episode 1

Episode 2

Desperately trying to help out her friend, Anna is forced to follow the kidnappers all the way to… Baghdad! She will have to go to Camp Babylon and solve the Translators’ Stone mystery. Will it bring her any closer to Bridget? Help Anna decide on the best means of transport – donkeys or an SUV? Please choose your option. 

Download episode 2A     Download episode 2B

Episode 3

During the trip you will encounter both good and bad guides. Especially when traveling through the desert in search of a hidden archaeological site. It seems that stories of the Translators' Stone mystery have not only been heard by Anna and Bridget - a spy appears! Read the next episode and decide where you want the crazy chase to take place. 

Download episode 3A     Download episode 3B

Episode 4

In the next episode of #Whodunnit together with Anna and Bridget you will witness an ancient ritual where female cultists will conduct a mysterious ceremony. Meanwhile we will discover more details of the Translators’ Stone story, its magical virtues and great linguistic powers. What decisions will Anna and Bridget have to make this time? Read along!

Download episode 4A     Download episode 4B

Episode 5

The mystery becomes more and more complicated - a new trail emerges! It leads all the way to ... South America. However, getting there is not going to be easy - which route will you choose for Anna?

Download episode 5A     Download episode 5B

Episode 6

Depending on your decisions, our heroines will go to South America through Vienna or London. But the journey won’t be as easy as they could’ve wished for - they will meet the unexpected guests who will reveal the real reason behind their search of Translators’ Stone. Will Anna and Bridget escape using the strength of their muscles or mind?

Download episode 6A     Download episode 6B

Episode 7

Our heroines managed to escape the kidnappers! They continue their interrupted journey to Mexico - eventually they manage to reach the Chochula Pyramid and find an archaeological site. It seems they can't take a break - the next destination, volcano!



Episode 8

The journey to the Iztaccihuatl volcano continues - but not everything goes as planned. After machine fails, Anna and Bridget will have to travel on foot – and meet the second group of seekers, led by a swashbuckling mafioso from the cartel. The Translators’ Stone is within the reach - what will our heroines do with it?

Download episode 8A     Download episode 8B

Episode 9

The grand finale! How will the story end? Find out what would happen if our heroines threw the Translators' Stone away... or decided to keep it.  

Download episode 9A     Download episode 9B

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